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Scientific Journey of a Mouse Caretaker

The making of a good scientist is a somewhat mysterious process. The metrics that define good too, are at best, questioned. At worst, they are thought to contribute negatively to scientific practice and shape research environments for the worse. Young scientists in the classroom are similarly confronted with objective metrics meant to describe, and perhaps […]

Ten Great Internships for High School Students

Applied learning is often described as quite different from learning in the classroom in the types of knowledge and competencies that it equips students with. While opportunities that are academic in nature abound, opportunities that focus on equipping high school students with technical skills or introduce them to an actual work environment sometimes require more […]

Leadership Programs for High School Students

Leadership is establishing right direction for a group. It is a skill on how to lead and manage other people or an organization. An ideal leader sets an inspiring vision for its team in order to reach a common goal, therefore management skill is needed so that he/she can help members to do the right […]