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Leadership Programs for High School Students

Leadership is establishing right direction for a group. It is a skill on how to lead and manage other people or an organization. An ideal leader sets an inspiring vision for its team in order to reach a common goal, therefore management skill is needed so that he/she can help members to do the right […]

Top Ten Prestigious Awards and Honors for High School Students

Entering competitions do wonders for your resume, demonstrate admirable personal qualities like self-initiative and curiosity, and give you a serious advantage in the admissions process. Think about it like this: not only do competitions show that you went out of your way (without being asked!) to work on an extracurricular (and often time-consuming) project, but […]

Schools Known For Good Merit Aid For Computer Science Majors

Computer science as a major is a perfect choice for creative, analytical students with an ability to solve problems and great interest in technology. Careers in computer science are rapidly growing due to its popularity. Careers in computer technology often are ranked as one of the fastest-growing segments of the job markets. The naked truth […]