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Fighting Cystic Fibrosis with Sports, Music and Love

Raising children is difficult enough, let alone when you are faced with a sick child and still have to cope with the day-to-day challenges. Life takes on a whole new meaning. It places a great strain on a marriage and for many couples it inevitably ends in divorce. This is my story. It has been […]

Successful Parent Model

There is nothing in life that can prepare you for parenthood. No matter how many books you read, the “theory” won’t really equip you for being a parent. As a matter of fact, sometimes the “theory” causes us to “do” parenting and not “be” parents. You see, there is a difference. I remember being a […]

How To Help Your Kids Find Their Passion

As mom to four extremely diverse children, I’ve learnt that each child’s needs are different. While Kyle (15) and Karis (3) are both very domineering and bold, Seth (11) is quite the opposite, and needs to be coaxed. Yet Seth is the one who is more confident about the type of career he would like […]