Articles by Luchae Williams

Luchae Williams, writer and dreamer, resides in the small seaside city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. She is an avid parenting blogger over at ‘My Spreadsheet Brain’, a regular music reviewer for online publication Gateway News and is a contributor for JStar Magazine. Luchae co-host’s the official #ECMeetUp – a well-attended Eastern Cape based blogger convention, in South Africa.

Teach Children Critical Thinking

Teaching Critical Thinking Skills To Children

Critical thinking skills are one of the most important skills to teach young children. Yes, logical thinking can be taught! ...
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How To Help Your Kids Find Their Passion

As mom to four extremely diverse children, I’ve learnt that each child’s needs are different. While Kyle (15) and Karis ...
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Which Is The Best Fraction Calculator?

Fractions is said to be one of a student’s first experiences with complex mathematics, beyond the basic 'add, subtract, multiply ...
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How To Find Volunteer Opportunities For Your Teenager

Volunteering is an excellent way for your teenager to gain more experience in a particular field of interest. It is ...
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Is Online Music Lessons A Viable Approach For Your Children?

With online education becoming more and more popular, one has to wonder if it is as effective and worthwhile as ...
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What To Do If Your Child Is A Musical Prodigy

Every parent has a desire to see their child be celebrated as a prodigy or child genius. But the fact ...
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Is College Still A Good Investment?

With the rising cost of a decent college education taking its toll on the middle class, during an economic downturn, ...
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Coordinating Your Child’s Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities can, without a doubt, play an important role in your child’s life both during and after school. Being ...
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How to Discover Your Child’s Passion

As parents, the big responsibility and challenge of helping your children discover their passion, is sometimes overlooked. Some may question ...
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