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Sara Jovanovska

Sara is a college student in the Netherlands, where she frequently enjoys stroopwafels. She likes to read and analyze language, and is committed to lifelong and cross-disciplinary learning.

Tips on applying to selective pre-college summer programs

Tips on Applying to Selective Pre-College Summer Programs

There are immense benefits to attending pre-college summer programs, one of the key ones being that they prepare you for ...
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Ten free pre college summer programs if you want to be in science or engineering

Ten Free Pre-College Summer Programs If You Want to be in Sc...

Scientific research and engineering are taking enormous strides in changing how our societies operate. From ...
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Selective Pre-College Programs

Ten Most Selective Pre-college Programs You Need to Know

Selectivity is a tricky metric for evaluating the quality of a program. Does it necessarily mean that a program is ...
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Ten Reasons You Should Attend Pre-College Summer Programs

(1) They strengthen your college applications The divided opinions on the topic of whether elite pre-college programs actually help or ...
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Fractions are key to success in algebra

Fractions Are the Key to Success in Algebra

Fractions and division are widely used within all areas of mathematics, which means that you are likely to face them ...
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Education News Round Up – Week of August 28

With both parents and children preparing for the start of the new academic year, the exciting but overwhelming tasks are ...
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Maximize the Energy of Inspiration

Choose to be Inspired, Deliberately Inspiration is tricky business at the age of twenty-one, because one has had time to ...
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