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Bernadette Vidal

Bernadette Vidal is a graduate teacher with 23+ years experience in the education service.  She has taught at all levels of the elementary school system.  In 2009, she was granted an Award of Excellence for outstanding performance in Literacy Instruction, by the Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Teacher Training.  She attended the University of the West Indies Open Campus where she graduated in 2014 with First Class Honours, earning a BEd.  in Literacy Studies.

Bernadette is a mom of three children.  She enjoys writing, reading, singing and dancing.   Over the years, she has created many poems, short stories, jingles and songs which she incorporates in her teaching.  She has also written a few articles for a local magazine.  Her passion for writing has resulted in her latest venture, freelance writing.

dare to be different

Dare to be Different with Purpose

I looked up at him…    “Son, are you ready?”  I asked, studying the face of the handsome young man standing [...]
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