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Tips on applying to selective pre-college summer programs

Tips on Applying to Selective Pre-College Summer Programs

There are immense benefits to attending pre-college summer programs, one of the key ones being that they prepare you for [...]
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Selective Pre-College Programs

Ten Most Selective Pre-college Programs You Need to Know

Selectivity is a tricky metric for evaluating the quality of a program. Does it necessarily mean that a program is [...]
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Learning Through Summer Camp

Summer camps:  they’ve been around since... well, a long, long time!  My father twice enjoyed Boy Scout Camp as a [...]
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Ten Reasons You Should Attend Pre-College Summer Programs

(1) They strengthen your college applications The divided opinions on the topic of whether elite pre-college programs actually help or [...]
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Yes, Even My Kids Need Camp

Confessions of a Camp Director: Yes, Even My Kids Need Camp

When parents drop their campers off at camp, they see a well-oiled machine: the people, the facility, and the programs [...]
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