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Genius is Made, Not Born?

Genius Is Made, Not Born?

Parents demand a lot from their children nowadays. From extracurricular activities to accelerated learning programs, children are asked to demonstrate [...]
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my daughter actress

Our Daughter, the Actress

When we lived on Cape Cod, the PBS Show Zoom had open auditions at GBH Studios in Boston during the [...]
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Christmas with a whine

Christmas with A Whine

I settle into Kris Kringle’s sleigh and sit back as the reindeer pull me into my 26th Christmas as Momma [...]
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Your Child Finds His Passion

Exploring, with Patience, Until Your Child Finds His Passion

We have one child, a son, who didn’t find his passion until he was 25 – and what he chose surprised us all. As an [...]
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A View from Mother Nature and Father Time

Parents that are young themselves, cannot imagine a time when kids could occupy themselves without any electronic devices to operate, [...]
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Raising Intelligent Children with Learning Difference

In the effort to help our children negotiate today’s challenging academic environments, parents and teachers have become vigilant in their [...]
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An unexpected lesson

An Unexpected Lesson

Ever wondered how or what a child dreams of? Candy land? Perhaps running…or even walking in a lush field of [...]
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The 4-point box of truth: Ways to plant the seed of the inner voice in your child

The 4-Point Box of Truth: Ways to Plant the Seed of the Inne...

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”   -Frederick Douglass Being a
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Tips on applying to selective pre-college summer programs

Tips on Applying to Selective Pre-College Summer Programs

There are immense benefits to attending pre-college summer programs, one of the key ones being that they prepare you for [...]
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Ten free pre college summer programs if you want to be in science or engineering

Ten Free Pre-College Summer Programs If You Want to be in Sc...

Scientific research and engineering are taking enormous strides in changing how our societies operate. From [...]
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